A “Deputyship” is essentially similar to a “Lasting Power of Attorney” except that the “Lasting Power of Attorney” is setup by the “Donor” while they have mental capacity therefore it is a relatively straight forward procedure for the Court of Protection to agree with their wishes and register the LPA.

With a Deputyship the person that the deputyship applies too cannot give any input to the selection of who should be their deputy therefore the court of protection has a more in-depth assessment to conduct.

With a LPA they just have to consider is the person the donor has chosen suitable with a Deputyship they are making a decision without the persons input.

There are TWO significant areas that need to be considered. COST & TIME.

Firstly is the COST a Deputyship can cost 6 times the cost of a LPA.

Secondly is TIME with a LPA you are setting up a document with the view to possible needing it in the future. The Office of The Public Guardian will always take a minimum of around 8 weeks. This may not be a major factor as you are setting it up for a possible future event. But with a Deputyship the loss of mental capacity has happened therefore time is very important, what effect would waiting 28 weeks for a standard application, it is possible to shorten this to 14 weeks but a premium is payable.

This would cost £940 plus VAT to setup £1128 plus for each “deputyship” i.e. Property & Affairs deputyship and Personal welfare deputyship.


Court cost of £400.

If a hearing is required £500.

Doctors cost £200.estimated. (Depends on area but is not covered by the N.H.S)

Assessment if the person applying to become your deputy £100 with the possibility of the deputy attending a coarse.

Yearly fee of £35 min if managing less than £21,000.

Yearly fee of £320 if managing more than £21,000. P&A only

Providing certified Accounts this would depend on complexity but minimum of £ annually P&A only.

For Property & Affairs deputyship Potential cost around £2,200 plus in the first year. With annual cost of £320 plus accounts fee.

For Personal Welfare deputyship.Potential cost around £1,900 plus

    If you have both then some cost do not have to be duplicated. Therefore total is around £3,300

These usually take 28 weeks to setup, if urgent then 14 weeks but there is usually a premium to pay the courts. You may see an urgent time of 2 to 3 weeks quoted this is only usually available if the granting of a deputyship was in the interest of an outside body i.e. a property was being compulsorily purchased or repossessed and not for the inconvenience or cost to the person concerned or the family.

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There is the option of setting up an “Appointeeship” this is only for dealing with state benefits where there is no other income or assets.